Monday, 12 November 2012

The stupidity about the climate change debate

No day passes without us hearing about climate change. No problem with that for the British, because for them weather has always been a popular topic to start a conversation. What is annoying about this is that some people are trying to make a political issue about it and cash-in money out of this at the tax-payers cost.

Of course, there is climate change as there has been for millions of years and will continue to be for the million years ahead. There will be recurring spells of extreme heat, cold, rain, drought and so on.

Some of these changes may be influenced by mankind be it through fire, deforestation, CO2 emissions or something else.

Mankind has experienced that and has successfully adapted and survived such extreme conditions and will continue to do so.

So is there anything new about climate change except the mumbo-jumbo of today’s environmentalists; which is not fundamentally different from the Middle Ages prey of the church and witchcraft on the helpless and ignorant before a plague? Absolutely not!

We may wish to believe that we can fine tune the weather to our desires. That might be a possibility in a distant future, but it certainly is not an option now and in the foreseeable future. The best proof is to remind us that if we cannot easily fine tune the economic activity, a man-made process, we cannot expect to fine tune a natural process of which we know much less and over which we have so little control.

So modern sorcerers – sorry, “pseudo-environmentalists” – please give us a break and find something useful to do which is not preying on other people´s fear or ignorance.


  1. diz ali em cima Scientific Method como um pilar para o bem da humanidade. assim, deveria ler uns artigos antes de falar do que desconhece, pois a velocidade de mudança está a ser muito superior à comum. mudanças climáticas rápidas provocam extinções em massa, o que pode confirmar com qualquer geólogo, paleontólogo ou biólogo.

  2. thanks for sharing.

  3. Bom, e com um post se desmonta a credibilidade científica de alguém cuja agenda é só uma: proteger os interesses do, à falta de melhor expressão, Grande Capital.

    Por muitos graus académicos que se tenha, um sabujo é um sabujo como pode atestar o "Dr." Relvas...

    Passar bem.