Saturday, 23 April 2011

Scientific spirit and Easter traditions

It is Easter time and, from Spain to the Philippines, the media is full of re-enactments of Easter traditions.

There is nothing wrong with the revival of old traditions, provided that they are selected on a scientific basis. Easter provides a unique example of this principle.

For instance, it is quite different the re-enactment of the burial of Christ on Friday Easter and the resumption of Sunday pastoral visits.

The second celebrates the resurrection of Christ and the opening of our house to friends and acquaintances. It is a hymn to joy and friendship.

The first, appeals to the dark side of humankind, self-flagellation and fear. These are all low and primitive sentiments on which religion has often prayed during its darkest days of the medieval inquisition.

So, unless one is ignorant, macabre or masochist, there is no sensible reason to support the revival of the first type of traditions, which go against everything that an enlightened spirit should pursue.

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